A look back at 2017 and excitement for 2018

It’s only October but looking back on 2017, it’s difficult not to be impressed by what we’ve accomplished this year and our plans for 2018. In total, seven states (AL, AZ, FL, LA, OH, UT and WA) signed SUNucate into law. Five states (MA, MI, NJ, PA and RI) still have pending legislation—and their legislatures have yet to adjourn, giving us the opportunity for more “wins” and protect more students from skin cancer.

ASDSA hopes to continue this progress in 2018. Illinois and Indiana (a recipient of an ASDSA Ignite Grant) have expressed interest in pursuing SUNucate and our on-the-ground champions have been building a framework for success.

The 2017 ASDS Annual Meeting also provided an opportunity to showcase our many SUNucate achievements. The State Affairs Work Group hosted a fantastic “Beach Party” in the Exhibit Hall, where members could come and ask questions about the model legislation. Even the Blues Brothers got involved, asking how they could get a “SUNucation” (staff encouraged them to speak to their legislators in Illinois). Attendees were sporting our SUNucate sunglasses, but Jake and Elwood seemed partial to their black shades.

During the Annual Meeting, ASDSA awarded Aaron Mangold, MD, with the State Patient Safety Hero Award. Dr. Mangold championed SUNucate in his home state of Arizona. Gov. Doug Ducey signed SUNucate into law last spring, making Arizona one of the first states to pass SUNucate. The Arizona Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Society received the State Dermatological Society Patient Safety Hero Award for their work showing legislators the need for SUNucate legislation and the importance of protecting children from skin cancer by allowing them to use sunscreen at school and day camps.

The year isn’t over, so let’s continue the momentum. Reach out to advocacy@asds.net to find out how you can get involved.

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