Minnesota Joins “SUNucated” States

Portrait of a group of young smiling school girls

Minnesota is the 5th state in 2019 to pass legislation allowing kids to possess and use sunscreen at school without a prescription or physician’s note. Kids will now be able to use sunscreen during the school day while on school property or at a school-sponsored event. Minnesota joins Arkansas, Illinois, Maine and Nevada in passing SUNucate this year. The language was added to an education finance budget bill.

“As the fifth state to pass SUNucate this year, it’s encouraging to see the importance of using sunscreen reach state legislatures and seeing SUNucate provisions included in other must-pass bills or in its own legislation. Minnesota has shown its dedication to protecting its students by making sure SUNucate language passed during their legislative session and we’re grateful to Governor Walz and all the legislators involved,” said ASDSA President Murad Alam, MD, MBA.

ASDSA worked with the Minnesota Dermatological Society, along with the 60 member SUNucate Coalition, to advocate for the passage of this law. To learn more about SUNucate, visit https://www.asds.net/SUNucate.

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