ASDS public service program provides sunscreen dispensers

What if sunscreen dispensers were as common as hand sanitizer dispensers?

ASDS/A is working to make this possible through SPF For All—a public service project that encourages dermatologic surgeons to promote sun safety in their community by installing sunscreen dispensers. Members can choose to purchase a sunscreen dispenser as a community service or to solicit community sponsors to help with the cost of purchase and sunscreen refills.

There are plenty of locations where sunscreen dispensers would be highly utilized. Baseball fields, playgrounds, local parks and gardens, golf courses and educational institutions are all great places for a dispenser. In some cases, you may need to partner with a municipality or city to receive proper authorization to install a dispenser. A dispenser may be attached to an existing structure or a freestanding pole may be purchased separately.

Maintaining a dispenser depends on the traffic volume of your location. For example, a dispenser at a community park needs to be refilled one to two times per month. Maintaining the dispenser can be a great way to engage the community: Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts could volunteer to refill the dispenser, or student groups if the dispenser is at an educational location. ASDS partners with Bright Guard and R&R Lotion to install and maintain the dispensers. SUNucate coalition partner IMPACT Melanoma can also assist with the procurement and logistics in placing dispensers by working with the appropriate city/town resources.

If your organization or physician practice would like to be involved with SPF For All, email

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